Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

One of the reasons Fall is my favorite season is because of all the fun activities that come along with it. Last weekend I went to a nearby farm to pick out some pumpkins, indulge on some apple cider donuts, and enjoy the cool breeze.

I knew almost everyone at the pumpkin patch would be decked out in a flannel shirt, and I was right (ex: behind me, lol) so I wanted to wear something a little different, but still appropriate for some walking around in the field.


This was the first time this year that I pulled out my tan leather jacket! Leather jackets have always been a favorite of mine, I have them in 5 colors! I love pairing camel & maroon tones together. I didn’t have a chance to swap my handbag since I was in a rush, but next time I would pair this outfit with a dark handbag to offset all the light camel tones.

Looking at the apples with a root beer in hand.


How delicious do all of these caramel apples look?


How could I forget about the pumpkin pie!? My ultimate favorite.

This photo features a closer look at the new scarf I purchased. This one was a flea market find for just $5! If you live in the NJ/PA area, you have to check out Rice’s Flea Market in New Hope, PA. I have to return soon to pick up a few more of these scarves.


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